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About the Author

About Ashlyn

Ashlyn Barré
(Sweet Romances)

Ashlyn Barré lives in Northern California, and is the sweet alter-ego of Cassidy McKay.

An admitted chocoholic, she feeds her addiction by writing sweet romances and finding new ways to torture candy-money out of her long-suffering husband. He wisely keeps her supplied with dark chocolate and diet soda (which, as he knows, naturally cancels out all calories and guilt).

Writing since childhood, Ashlyn enjoys reading as much as writing, photography, playing with her children (one should never grow up), and traveling.

So if you should see a dirt-encrusted mini-van with the bumper sticker “Will Write for Chocolate,” packed with happy children, a woman with a silent scream echoing in her expression, and a frightened husband holding her off with candy bars -- wave hello to Ashlyn as you go by!

And toss a few bars of chocolate her way…

For erotic romances, please check out the Cassidy McKay website at: http://www.cassidymckay.com.

Cassidy McKay
(Erotic Romances)

Cassidy McKay lives in the beautiful mountains of Northern California, nestled in the heart of pine and oak trees in the Sierra Nevada foothills. She draws her inspiration to write from her family, her pets, the beautiful scenery and the historic roots of the region ... not to mention her romantic husband.

As a romance writer, she has covered a variety of topics in an equal variety of styles and genres. After spending years trying to puzzle out the strange happenings and hauntings in her own home, Cassidy finally broke down and became a Certified Paranormal Investigator. Upon completing her certification, she discovered that the 'paranormal occurrences' that had been disturbing her sleep for years were nothing more than her own four children and her husband.

She is committed to helping others like herself retain what is left of their sanity by writing romances that are so wild, thrilling, and romantic that they transport her readers away from the everyday into the fantastic.

For sweet romances check out
Ashlyn Barré at http://www.ashlynbarre.com.

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